Sunday Times Magazine June 24, 2001

These photos and the following quotes are from the (London) Sunday Times Magazine from June 24, 2001. They have a nice feature on the Eagles.

"We have a lot more perspective now," says Frey, yawning. He and Schmit have been shepherded into the room by their publicist, Larry Solters, who remains, hovering protectively within earshot. It's hard to understand why: the Eagles, it is plain, have done all this before. "Unlike 1980, we've learnt to watch out for the warning signs," continues Frey. "If we're getting a little bit frizzy, and a little bit frayed and a little tired and edgy, we know to back off. I wish we'd been a little wiser back then." Schmit, who has been a parent longer than any other member of the band, takes over. "I love the phrase 'Youth is wasted on the young,'" he says mournfully.

"The whole world has changed so much in the last 30 years," says Schmit, struggling to reconcile his rock'n'roll credentials with parenthood. "There's a lot of angry music out there. I have a tough time with the music my kids listen to. I don't believe in censorship, but at the same time I don't think a young kid's mind can process some of the things that are on the radio today."

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