1962, Timothy, along with Ron Floegel and Tom Phillips formed a folk trio named Tim, Tom and Ron. The next year, along with George Hullins, they became a surf band called the Contenders. When the British rock sound became more popular, they changed again and became the New Breed. The New Breed was very popular in Northern California, especially the Sacramento area where all the guys went to school. In 1965 they released their first record. The song, Green Eyed Woman, was a bit hit locally. It topped the pop charts in Sacramento for 8 weeks.

The New Breed even had their own fan club which cost all of $1 to join! The fan club published a fanletter called the Breed Beat. The following are from the Breed Beat (thanks Cisley!)

The Breed Beat from January 1967 had a short interview with the members of the band. Below are Timothy's answers to the questions he was asked:

1) How did they name of your group originate? - We were formally known as the Contenders, but we needed a new name so everybody made ballots and we voted.

2) Of your own recordings what songs do you like the best? - Want Ad Reader.

3) Have you ever dated a fan? Would you? Why? - Yes, I have. I would again. Why not?

4) What kind of girls do you prefer? - Personality over looks.

5) What kind of music do you like? - All kinds. Soul music ( I even like classical).

6) What are your favorite foods and colors? - Orange. Hamburgers.

7) What are your hobbies? - Gymnastics.

8) What was your first ambition? - Fireman

9) What is your most prized possession? - My equipment.

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