Guitarist Tim's wife to make trip to land of her ancestors

Date: 6/24/2001
The People (London, England)

EAGLES bass guitarist Timothy B. Schmidt has revealed how his wife will be by his side when the rock legends play ULSTER - because she likes coming 'home'.

The easy-going star told how Jean was shipping the whole family to the 'oul sod' - and how her folks used to own a farm near Belfast.

Doting dad Timothy told us: "Jean and I have been together as man and wife for 23 years and we've been married for 17.

"Jean's maiden name is Cromie. She is coming over to visit me when we play in Ireland because her family are originally from Ireland and she will be visiting relatives here.

"It's somewhere near Belfast. I've never been to the family farm - they don't even own it anymore!

"But they owned it for so long that on visits, people would drive her past the farm and say: 'That's your farm'.

"It's been very tough not seeing Jean while we've been on tour and it's only been about three-and-a-half weeks."

The group split in 1980 but are back together touring and are due for two concerts this week, in Belfast's Stormont estate and Dublin.

Timothy, 53, said he was sick of rumours claiming the band don't get along. He said: "People want to get a lot of dirt on us.

"We have had our problems in the past - like every band and like any group of people.

"The truth is now that I can honestly say that we take pride in the band, it's better than it's ever been. The performance on stage is what matters.

"It's really something at our shows because at the start everyone is really calm, sitting on their hands, enjoying the music, tapping their toes.

"But towards the end of the show people start standing up and getting loosened up and coming towards the stage a little more, just getting really excited."

Timothy has left the rock 'n' roll lifestyle behind and is now very much a family man.

He said: "I have three children, my eldest daughter, Jedzrah (sic), is 30 years old and she's just got married.

"She's in a band called Jet (sic) and they've got a CD out and they're looking for a deal.

"And I have two children with the woman I've been with for 23 years, Jean. "Our daughter, Owen, is 17 and our son Ben, is 10.

"Actually I have a song on my new album called Song for Owen - it's a song from a father to a teenager.

"Ben is coming over by himself to visit me for a few days and we will enjoy a bit of a break together in Spain."

The band even found time to join Al Gore's failed campaign for US president last year.

He said: "We helped raise him a lot of money but it didn't work out - this time."

And is the band looking forward to visiting the historic grounds of Stormont in Belfast?

Timothy said: "I think it's all important and I think it's important that we go everywhere.

"I love to go places I've never been. We've been to Dublin so why not do the rest?

"The Irish are great audiences. The last time we played in Dublin was fantastic, even though it was raining."

But with all the band members over 50, how much longer can the Eagles go on?

He said: "I really have no idea. But we're in a business where we could go on for a long time. All I know is that I'm grateful for what's going on in my life on many levels.

"I couldn't ask for anything better - it's going very well."


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